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Hi everyone

Just going through my garage and I have several bit and pieces left for sale

So here we go

All parts are in Reading and contact email is [email protected], prices exclude paypal fees and include postage (proof of postage supplied at request, signed & insured delivery at your expense, no refunds for missing packages if you didn't pay for signed for and insured postage)

0. EV04 RAJ plate - £1000 inc transfer fee to you :

1. Evo 8 Rear toe arms + polybushes : £100 for the pair (REDUCED) ... they are £150 each from Mitsi !

2. JVC KD-AVX77 - DVD, USB, MP3, Touchscreen, iPod, Headunit - reduced to £300 ! SOLD

3. Evo 6 rear upper suspensions arms : £100 for the pair SOLD

4. from left to right : Ralliart red oil cap #2 £30, Mishimoto thermometer rad cap £40 (SOLD) , Carbon ball 5sp gear knob £50 (SOLD), Red Violence oil cap £20

5. Random stuff ... message me if you want clarification on what there is.
I remember there is :
6sp gear stick and cables - £50

7. slimline Rad fan : £40, standard 8 MR fan : £30

if you've seen the same item for less in similar condition drop me a PM and I'll alter the prices ... or if you can collect and pay in cash then I'll discount the prices too


edit : more things added :

okie dokie everyone

here's the rest of my Evo parts for sale :

i : selling on behalf of NathanP :)

SARD FPR with Aeroquip connectors : £80
Valve Guides : £80
Evo VIII CAT : £80
Pair of Evo VIII front brake calipers (no discs, just calipers, pics coming soon) : £100


Loads of jubilee clips too if they're sellable as a job lot for a few quid

Blue cusco front lower struct brace for Evo 7-9 : £80

Stainless battery holder for Evo VIII standard sized battery £10

Random bushes (red) ?

KTR Evo hardpiping kit for Evo VIII and Blue SFS hosing ... I think there's the full kit there, check before buying that it's everything you need ... more pics on request : £125 (SOLD)

iii. Apexi Boost control valve that came with my AVCR

vi. tein motors for EDFC front for super street - £30 for the pair (SOLD)

vii. Evo VIII MR FQ ECU + EcuTek license : £175

viii. Master battery kill switch with 2 spare keys and resistor - new in box : £30

ix. Evo VIII MR steering wheel : £125 collected or £150 posted

x. Evo VIII MR AYC rear diff (diff knackered, case could be ok) : £75 collected or whatever the MLR rate is for this ... dunno really ... I sold my knackered gearbox for the casing a while back

xi. one APR carbon canard (new) for Evo VIII £20 and one carbon Evo IX rear bumper heat shield (used) for £30

xii. New, unused, carbon dashboard replacement £100

xiii. new, unused thermal wrapping, lava rock and fixing kit £40

not sure what some of the stuff is ... plz let me know what it is and how much you're offering plz ... LOL

any questions, drop me a PM, don't clog up my thread please ... moe pics of everything available on request :)



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Any aftermarket intercooler pipes?
yes I have some hosing ... will take pics of what I have when the weather clears up ... I replaced the factory pipework with blue SFS and then that with hardpipe which stayed on the car when it sold

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I mate do you have a e9 hks j pipe cheers.
I don't have the HKS piping, but it did have the KTR (I think that was the name) piping kit which was "inspired" by the HKS one

when I get the car out once the rain stops I'll lay out everything and take a piccy of all I have


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Ralliart oil cap brand new?
one is unfitted, and the other was fitted once and then removed ... I went through quite a few trying to find one I liked ... more money than sense I believe the saying is ... LOL
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