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My EVO went back to the garage today, to complete the work and do a proper mapping on it. PE picked it up, so we thought we would have a little race between it and my M5.
Well, the EVO was nearly mounting the M5 - I just couldn't go anywhere! To watch the EVO shoot off across a roundabout was fantastic - and the noise, was unbelievable.

You never see that sat in the car! Nice to see it being driven from the outside!!!

Got up behind a bike last night - think it was just a 750, but I shat all over it - and scared the life out of him!


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scarring bikes is one of my favourite past times, because other cars dont want to know, but bikes think they can take you.

great fun


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As the weather is almost like summer time I took my EVO out for a spin. What a surprise more bikers around than flies. Scared the life out of some till my girl friend insisted to back off:(. Before my EVO life I was also a bike nutter till I had a bad highsider and completely destroyed the DUC.


two weeks ago I also swapped cars with my mate and drove behind my batmobil. Now I know how other people must feel after being trounced by such a beast:D



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Well I raced my mate/mechanic who was driving my supra and I was in
my evo5...........the evo stormed into a lovely lead through 1st and
2nd..........then BLAM!!!!!!!!! the supra ####*d by as if id hit reverse !!!!!

ROFL....still, evo's are better round bends border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

Just ordered NOS today for my supra, 80bhp Highpower kit...cant wait to use
it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When's the next Box Hill meet ? 8-)

Justin Foden

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20th, cant wait to see your supra in the flesh, as it looks the nuts in the piccys.


ps. have you got a hks catalogue i can buy??

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Righto Lee, 20th it is. GREAT.

Supra will be finished by then, with a great big 11 lb Nos bottle in the boot.... :cool:

Evo is shagged at the mo' , clutch has finally gone (22k miles) ,
shame, since fitting the Blitz DSBC and HKS intercooler and using
optimax and Millers she has been driving like a bl**dy dream 8-(

Thought about an HKS clutch, but at £1,250|PLS|vat, I couldn't bring myself to
do it !!!! So now my poor yellow5 is out of action, its a Mondeo V6 for
my weekend thrills 8-(

Right, there is talk of another south east breakfast run with the scooby boys
looming, anyone here interested ?

And I still think there are a few places left for an all day track day at Brands Hatch
on the Indy circuit for Friday 16th November.....c'min guys, dont want to be the
only evo there !!!!!

Phone tracksense on 01276 473616 , just £150 !!!!!!!!!!!

Justin Foden
07931 879908

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Have you got those Apex-i boost gauge prices yet? I might buy the other ones of you! :)

Chris Chadwick..

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So its the Blitz ID series boost gauge in indiglo is it mate ?

nice chioce of gauge..!

I checked on the gorgeus Evo4/5/6 A-pillar gauges today and they are about 8 days
away from having the first set ready....cant wait !

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