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Quick and easy Q

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Does the MR FQ400 have a full carbon spoiler or is it just the same as the other model's (bar 260) with the ends painted black ? Or indeed as part 2 of this question, are all the spoilers full carbon, only with the ends painted to match the body colours - apart from the MR of course which is why i ask (i'm going on a bit now, hopefully someone follows) ?

I'll not digress any further, i've already asked more than i intended to :D
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just the same as a fq300/320 or 340. But with the 8`s the uprights on the INSIDE only are also carbon. with the 9`s it`s only the blade.
Yeah so same spoiler, only with the ends painted black then ? This is what i thought only somebody tried to tell me it was a full carbon rear spoiler and i wanted to be sure.

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