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Very soon I shall have an EVO7 and I just wanted some advice on the following:
1) Whats different in the engine between a 6 and amp; 7
2) Do the cars receive any winter protection ie. underseal during manufacture.
3) If the car is left standing for a couple of weeks will the battery be flat.
4) How does one know if the car comes with a titanium turbo or not.
5) If a sunroof is fitted will it make a noticable difference to the structural rigidity of the car.
6) Do you always have to use super-unleaded for normal road use, and what might happen if you don,t

Any help on these matters will be greatly appreciated.

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1) No major difference except more strict emission controls. I think it runs slightly higher boost than the 6 as standard. Also there is improved torque due a different exhaust design.
2) Nope, no Japanese cars have underseal. Official cars will, until then its up to the importer.
3) Probably will. I am 99% certain my E6's battery will be flat within a week if left standing let alone 2 and I don't see the E7 being any different.
4) Ask your importer, other than that then check the turbo designation/number. The Titanium Turbo is TD05HRA-16G6-9.8T (steel is the same but no 'A')
5) It will make a difference but how noticeable I couldn't say. The roof panel has been made thinner so it probably does not play as much as a role as it once did in body stiffness.
6) YES, always use Super Unleaded. If you don't use it then you will get knock/det problems. The ignition can be retarded by the ECU as it uses a knock sensor but it can only do so much. I get the impression that the E7 is more det prone than the E6 probably due to the higher standard boost level over the E6.

If you haven't been there already then have a look at the official Mitsubishi Japan site for a very informative downloadable pdf file on the E7.

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In addition to HH6 I would comment

1) Most of the tuning stuff for the 6 works on the 7 as well :D
2) Depends on your importer. Even the official 6's were poorly done.
3) Never been able to stay out of the car for 2 days, never mind 2 weeks!!
4) Ask your importer. Ralliart only bring in titanium turbos.
5) I don't believe it makes a difference on the 7 because of the way the body has been strengthened and strutted.
6) Don't just use SUL. Go for Shell Optimax, you can feel the difference.

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Thanx Heave Ho and Simon for your help.

You might have thought it a strange question to ask about the battery but when talking to a Ralliart salesman and asking him why I should buy an 'official' car instead of a 'grey' he said theirs all came with the 'cold climate pack' ie. larger capacity battery and alternator and heated mirrors. He told me I ran the risk of returning to a car with a flat battery (I regularly have to leave my car for 1 -2 weeks in airport carparks so this could be a big inconvenience. Never been a problem with any of my other cars)

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If you want to leave your car for a long period then you can get a solar powered trickle charger to keep the battery relatively topped up when left outside (well not over night obviously ;)). It can be connected directly to the battery or plugged into the cigarette lighter. Demon Tweaks have them @£28.30|PLS|VAT. I don't know how good they are though.
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