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hi evo buddies,

here's what i'm currently using. pls tell me if they're ok or if i've used the wrong oil... thanks mate!!

engine oil: Mobil-1 5W-50
engine oil filter: original MMC (replaced every 5K kms oil change)

front manual box: Castrol LSX (replaced every 20K kms)
front transfer box: Castrol LSX (replaced every 20K kms)

rear transfer box: Castrol LSX (replaced every 20K kms)
AYC box: original MMC AYC oil (replaced every 20K kms)

power steering: should i use Dexron-II or ATF-II?! which is the correct/recommended one?!
brake fluid: DOT3 or DOT4 or DOT5, which one?!

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All ok m8 except that Mits advise 10w30 , obviously synthetic 4 the engine , this is the grade I use.

Brake fluid , dot 4 or better and I use and service others cars with Brembo LCF600 fliud which exceeds dot 4 and has a wet (worst case scenario) boiling point of 204 deg c , dry is 316 deg c.

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I use AP5.1 brake fluid as recommended to me by Dragon Autosport, readily available and works a treat ;)
Change every 6 months though (Evoboy recommendation ;)), reminds me it is due soon.
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