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Hi everybody,

I'm a newbie in this forum. I'm planing to buy a EVO 4 therefore I have a couple of things want to clarify to make sure that I'm buying the right car !! I'm buying it just for normal on road use, not going to run it on the track.

1. Is EVO 4 a robust car ?? How likely is it going to have mechanical problem, like problems in gearbox, turbo, clutch ... etc. Is it costly to maintain it in good
condition?? I've heard people saying that part's for EVOs are very expensive !!

2. Could you be able to give me a rough idea on the maintainance cost per year for a EVO (probably in terms of US dollar).

3. I heard people saying that the AYC in EVO 4 breaks down quite easily and many people just change it back to a normal LSD, is that true ??

4. Continue with the above question, if I buy EVO 4, is it necessary to change the AYC back to LSD ??

5. Anything I need to pay attention to, when I look for a EVO 4 ??

I would be very happy if you could auswer my question above !! border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >



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I'm not speaking from experience as I have an Evo 1 not 4, but even if the AYC is a weak point on the car I'm sure that it would be fine for road use. As for the car's robustness I think that all Evos are pretty well off in that department unless they have spent their life being thrashed and not looked after so I think that a service history is a must.

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speaking from my own experience, i have been a evo4 owner for a few years now and i've found that the AYC has been functioning well apart from there were noises comming through when cornering sharpely! ~~~~ but this problem could be solved for a little while by changing the AYC oil! there is an once-for-all solution for this evo4-AYC-problem, which is to replace the whole of the AYC system by mechanical power locks (LSD) ! this can reduce the overall weight of the car by about 40kg thus improving the horsepower to weight ratio! besides, cornering without AYC could bring you a lot of fun ! ^^

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Nice to see you here, Evo 4.65. For mine, there's no problem on my AYC. No straight noise. I tried to lengthen the period changing the AYC oil to around once per 15000km and found no problem. Maybe this car is one of being recalled by Mitsubishi and replaced defect parts already.

Actually, the cause of it's due to the bug on the sub-ECU, AYC controller, which make the AYC activate in the wrong time which can damage the AYC itself.

Of course, replacing the AYC with RS LSD is a good solution on solving the sound and lightening the weight of the car, say around 50kg. Remember, you should get rid of the whole AYC system instead of adding direct bolt-on LSD for AYC system, say Kansai stuff.

Actually, there's a lot of minor change compared with E4 and E7 but if you modify the car in a right way, there's no such different except the cornering as e4 is much narrow then latter model.

If I can choose again, e5 is most cost effective. Compared with E4, uprated fuel pump, injector, ECU with faster speed and more parameter controlling the car, wider and more fierce on the outlook.

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Actually, the maintenance fee depends on the modification and purpose of your car. If always run on a track, maintenace fee is much higher and life of the car becoming much shorter. If only street use and proper tuning, only only a little maintence fee involed, change engine oil, gearbox oil, LSD and AYC oil and like. The phrase proper tuning means, don't boost up too much which will cause the car running lean. Setup the air fuel mixture properly. Your car will become fuel saving and fast.

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Hi Mystery,

I have a friend who is selling his Evo 4 GSR in white - 42000 miles.
This car is very genuine with no AYC problems.
It has never been modified or raced and as an owner of an Evo4 I would say that it is one of the best genuine examples I have seen.

The car is available immediately if you are in the market for one.

Please feel free to call me on 07973 518 905 for a chat about Evo4's
or email me at [email protected]

All The Best

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