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Ok, well..

The damage done to my car has been estimated at 10k worth..

My car is insured for 23k last year..

If it wasnt in a crash and I was to sell it now, i would get anything from 18,500 to 19,500 for it.

So this means the damage comes to more than half the cars value, from anything between £500 to £1500 more..

Wot should be done about it? Should it be written off? Repaired? Should I push the insurance to scrap it and give me the money? Or should I let them spend 10k on fixing it?

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i think i would want the money, looking at the pics, would you be confident in the car again??


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Its a bit of a dilema isn't it, seen the pics :(

How much less would you expect the car to be worth now that the car has been damaged? As anyone
looking into buying the car would no doubt do a check and find out its had an expensive repair and it
may put them off.

IMO I would push them to scrap it as it may be difficult to pass on. If you were injured in the accident
(whiplash etc) I would push for compensation from the 3rd party, you may also be able to claim
compensation for the lower resale value your car will now have due to the accident.

Good luck!

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I'd want it scrapped. Evo's need to be set up accurately, people set tyre pressures to within 0.5psi as the difference can be felt.
I don't believe the car will be 100% when fixed and you'll be able to feel the difference and wouldn't enjoy evo ownership as much. Also, who would want to buy it, I don't know anyone who would.

Good luck.

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same thing happened to me but with a motorbike, had a bad crash, I wanted the bike written off, but insurers insisted on repairs. It never handled quite the same, Im sure it was twisted.

Hope it works out for you

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U will find that insurance companies work on repairs exceeding 55% of the current market value of the car 2 write it off , generally , if it ain't close they won't move :(
Also the accident will b recorded on MIAFTA , which means any1 checking the history of the vehicle will become aware of the shunt.

Personally I wud go 4 write off if possible , from my own experience a shunt this big means mucho hassle with small defects after repairs.

A little tip , make sure that the insurance company 4 the guy that hit u accepts liability 4 the front and rear collisions , it is not unknown 4 them 2 try and blame the front impact on the guy in the middle , claiming that u hit the car in front b4 their client hit u.

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Just been told now.. Its getting fixed, its allready on the Jigg for the boot.. The parts have been orderd.. I will be claiming losses from the guy who hit me when I sell the car, no probs.. I am happy I am getting MY evo back.. As it was a personal thing, my mods my money put into it, in my mind it's a unique car.. I will give it a few months, see how the car feels etc.. If its not right I will sell it, and get the losses back anyway.. Hopefully! :)

Thanks for the offer InsBro, but there aint much I can do now.. I am speaking to my solicitor now anyway..

Thanks for comments pps! :)
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