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Thanks for all the advice guys ( and amp; girls) re: tyre replacements, but went with the S-02's in the end anyway.

Just wanted to let people know of a great tyre place that I found in Northwich, Cheshire.

Northwich Tyres and amp; Autocare, tel: (01606) 351200 - they did me mine at £120 |PLS| VAT each, but the service was fantastic.
The problem buying new rubber is that most @ssholes in these places don't give a damn about your rims, and you get
damage etc.

These guys had two fitters working on each rim, and treated them like babies - unreal actually I've never seen anything like

Anway, I have posted their details so that if you want a A1 trye fitment job, go to these guys. They even made the effort to
all the balancing weights on the inside of the rim (rather than the previous guys who fitted my old one on the outside)!!!!

Anyway, give me a shout if you need their details or further info.


[email protected]

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What did you have fitted before? How noisy have you found the SO-2, b'coz my SO-1 are noisy as #### on some surfaces and the SO-2 is probably what I will go for.

I can get the SO-2 for £127 inc VAT, but its worth paying that little bit extra to get a decent job done. At the risk of telling you all how to suck eggs, I've always found it worth giving whatever assistance you can to the fitters. After all they are human (sort of).

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I am having my so-2 fitted tomorrow at a tyre garage in wrexham (wrexham tyres) at a cost of £135 inc vat and balanced fitted each .
demon tweeks wanted £150 but you need a few hours spare to have them fitted there .
are the so-2s much of an improvment over the so-1s as i do not have much trust in my presant so-1s in the wet (like we will have from now till next june)
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