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Morning all,

I have a kit car, which is basically just a toy - i want to repalce the whole dash as its been taken from the doner (1981 cortina) and looks like it - The instruments are terrible.

Im not looking to spend a fortune on it so dont want to go to speedhut and spend £1500 on instruments (twice what the car cost) have seen a 6-guage set (Speedo, Tacho, oil, water, fuel, Volts) from Dolphin gauges in the states for £250 new! - However they seem inept at answering questions

They sell it with either Chevy or Ford pulse generators - However, my car will soon be running a Rover V8, and no idea what gearbox yet (maybe jag) so I want to use magnetic pickups on the drive shaft/brakes for the speedo measurement

Can anyone tell me if pulse generators and magnetic pickups are interchangeable? (granted with some speedo recalibration) From my understanding they are the same thing but the chaps selling the guages just keep asking what gearbox I have which seem irrelevent to the question.
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