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pulling back problem

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hi guys ive asked before about this problem and still cant sus it out ive fitted ralliart ecu to my 5 my actuator was knackered so yesterday i fitted my forge one its had new ngk iridiums when i accellerate hard up to 1bar and above it pulls back as if its running on 3 cylinders im running a blitz dsbc to up the boost and disconnected it like weebl said on saturday and connected the boost pipes back standard straight to the actuator it boosted up to about 0.8 bar and was slow but completely fine didnt run poor at all but when i go above it plays up like hell and no i havent changed the fuel pump yet but the filter has been done
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Hmm, If you have changed the plugs and it runs fine at low boost but not high, coil packs and leads next.

See if you can get a single coil pack and you can swap it one at a time so you know which one is knackered.

Did you make sure the gaps on the new plugs were set right? They are a cooler running spec as well i presume?
Set the gap to .7mm and that should be fine.

It certainly could be a gapping or spec problem, the higher boost stops the spark making the gap. What spec plugs did you put in?
Hotter plugs and a bigger gap would certainly do this.
motorboy said:
hi mate i fitted ngk laser iridiums igr7a r they anygood
Yep. They are standard heat range plugs but to be honest, they are new and should not be causing problems at ~1 bar.

Check the gaps (although they should come pre-gapped) and then it is going to be leads and/or coil packs i am afraid.
mevolution said:

Weebl do you believe this to be the case...

Fuel pump is good for a fair bit more than a bar boost, unless it is completely knackered.
mevolution said:
Hi Weebl

I do not understand why it is holding back after 1 Bar as is "motorboy's".. As with the standard Ecu I can run up to 1.2 bar nearly 1.3 with out any fuel cuts at all..

It feels just like a fuel cut but at 1 bar... with the Ralliart ECU (RA420996R1)

What else could it be then? :confused:

Could be a problem with the ECU.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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