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pulling back problem

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hi guys ive asked before about this problem and still cant sus it out ive fitted ralliart ecu to my 5 my actuator was knackered so yesterday i fitted my forge one its had new ngk iridiums when i accellerate hard up to 1bar and above it pulls back as if its running on 3 cylinders im running a blitz dsbc to up the boost and disconnected it like weebl said on saturday and connected the boost pipes back standard straight to the actuator it boosted up to about 0.8 bar and was slow but completely fine didnt run poor at all but when i go above it plays up like hell and no i havent changed the fuel pump yet but the filter has been done
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It could also be something as simple as spark plug leads. 'WoodyEvoI' had the exact same problem with his (albeit standard) EI GSR , the car was fine off boost and town driving ect , but when you started to cane it , the car dropped onto 3 cyls untill you backed off the throttle a bit , then all became well again. New leads cured this instantly.
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