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Maxi, as promised, here are my settings after I had the shorter springs fitted in the back:

Camber front: 2,3 degrees
Camber back: 1,75 degrees
Front and amp; rear high speed bump: 6 clicks
Front low speed bump: 12 clicks
Rear low speed bump: 14 clicks
Front and amp; rear rebound: 12 clicks

I really need some shorter springs in the front also, as the ride height was lowered about 15mm all around and was only achieved by taking the helper springs out. It's not a problem as the springs were fastened to the top mount, but would be nicer with the helper springs. It does grip really well (pulls your fillings out your teeth!). I'll set it up properly when at Cadwell Park on Friday, as making the suspension harder in everyday use is very painful for my back.
P.S.: I still kept the reservoirs mounted to the strut brace, no other place.

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Played around with the settings at Cadwell and I am completely happy with the camber settings as the car goes into a nice four wheel drift and hardly understeers at all. The only problem seemed to be that as I was going harder on the damping rates, the car actually lost grip, which I put down to my SO-2s not having enough grip. i.e. the tires gave way before the suspension could start working. Lots of squealing... In some corners I made as much noise as the Mantas. Well, not as much. The Manta drivers were the most entertaining on the day, as they did not give a **** about their cars and absolutely cained them!!
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