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As you know, I fitted a Proflex suspension to my Evo VI TME.

It came with 90 N/mm 270mm (front) and 80 N/mm 300mm (rear) springs.

I adjusted all 3-way settings (fast and slow compression and extension) to middle setting (roughly -15 clicks).

Geometry settings are -3 (front) and -1.5° (rear) camber, and 1mm toe-in all around. I'll probably reduce camber a bit in the future.

Unfortunately I did not have time to play with the settings much, because I have relocated and my car stays at my old location. The car was very difficult to drive, as that day it was rainning, but overall I was very happy because I could see the massive potential of the new suspension.

This past weekend I had the chance to drive it again. I changed all the settings in a way that they are now softer (roughly -21 clicks, 1/4 from the softest position). I drove to my usual mountain stages. On dry smooth tarmac I could not believe the pace and how easy it was to drive the car. One of the stages runs on narrow and bumpy tarmac, wet from melting snow in some areas, and here the car was bouncing a bit too much, and it was a bigger effort to keep it in track.

Overall, there is a MASSIVE improvement in handling in almost all conditions, but it still needs A LOT of work to be dialled in properly.

I still believe the springs are too hard for street use, as it is diffciult to drive on slippery surfaces.

I'm just about to order softer springs, like Eibachs 70 N/mm 250mm (front) and 60 N/mm 300mm (rear). Eibacks apparently does not manufacture 270mm springs, so I'm going for 250mm.

Any input on this choice?

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Re:proflex Impressions.

I should be able to get you Proflex springs at factory price through my rally team. 70 front and 60 rear sounds right.

Open the rebound fully to absorp potholes and set the bump in the front to the hardest you can without getting understeer and leave it a little softer in the back to get smoother drifts.


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Re:proflex spring

Froggie, how do proflex springs compare to others (HKS, Eibach, etc).

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Re:proflex Impressions

Claudius ohilns are the best you can get for an evo, but the way he set the bound and rebound is strange...
I have proflex with 57kg/cm front and 48kg rear springs, and the settings are usally between the 3 and the 5 click in everything, but you need to find the right settings for your car, it's not really easy.

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Re:proflex Impressions. Question about spring rate


So you have 56 N/mm and 47 N/mm. That seems to be much softer than the setting I currently have, and probably close to factory specs (btw, I know it has been posted before but I can't find it...anyone knows what are the factory spring settings?).

What type of driving do you normally do? Happy with your springs?

Also, what's their length?
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