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Kryton79 said:
On fitting a new wheel bearing to the Front of my EVO IV i may have damaged a sensor positioned in the sandwich plate of the oil filter. Since then i have had problems with my DEFI oil pressure guage. Initially it was sitting too high, then it wouldnt go above 2 bar and now it constantly sits at 0 bar. The car is running fine and there is no signs of the engine oil pressure having been affected.

The folowing picture shows a view taken from under the car upwards looking at the oil filter. The front of the car is to the top of the picture.

The connector marked with the red circle is the one that was interfering with the drive shaft and I may have damaged. Therefore I would presume this is the oil pressure sensor. The other on in green I think is the oil temperature.

Can anyone confirm this???

There is no signs of damage to the wires externally.

Yep thats them alright, exactly the same on my car matey, the bulkier one is the pressure transducer, the smaller one is a brass thermocouple for the temp! Very very sensitive though the defi sensors, not alot you can do bar replacing them i'm afraid!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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