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Hi there,

Just had a 4500 service at my local ralliart centre and they have informed me that my front discs and pads will need replacing in 1000 miles time.

They have quoted me £1000 |PLS| vat. I have a 99 Evo 6. Is this a fair price or are they ripping me off.

The car is under warranty. Am I allowed to go elsewhere and have the work done ?



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I got a set of discs and pads for £250 |PLS|vat. Fitted them myself in about an hour.
This was with Mintex pads, which work well but squeal quite a bit. Ralliar charge about £300 for front pads. Mintex ones are £60 and you can get the original Brembo pads from Dragon for £120|PLS|vat. Even if a garage took a couple of hours to fit the discs and pads its still only going to cost £500 inc VAT. with Brembo pads.

I got my discs from Questmead in Rochdale ( They actualy supply them to Ralliart UK) Speak to Alan on 01706 860088. If you get the original Brembo pads from Dragon Mitsi will never know who changed the discs etc.

Since then I've warped yet another set of discs and bought the Dragon two piece set up at a cost of £550. This is the best way to go but I'm not sure how the warranty situation would fare. Simple thing is buy the Dragon discs and pads, get them fitted and if the car needs any warranty work carrying out take them off and put the originals back on. I'm sure if you have your car serviced at the same place they will overlook the discs at service time.


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Wow border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >!

1000£!!! Are you talking about standard discs? without pads and hoses? No way!

Dragon discs,with separate alloy bell are 450£ for the front
goodrige brake hose kit front and rear is £46
and brembo pads £120.

And dragon will probably do a special price for all the kit!

If you want to spend more to improve your braking power go for the ap racing 6 pot calipers kit with 330 discs at around 1600£.

If you want just one piece replacement discs you can go for the black diamonds
at less than 250£ for the front.

Have a look to and

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Its the old ******** about the Brembo pads again I bet.
Mitsubishi will charge over £350|PLS|VAT for the Brembo pads where as every where else they are less than £150|PLS|VAT (including Brembo themselves)

You only need to get your car serviced at a VAT register garage for ANY warranty no matter what they may tell you. Do what I did, tell them you will do the work yourself or find someone else to do it (there is no way I am going to pay £60/hour again). Give Dragon a ring and order their warp resistant Dragon disc kit which consists of Brembo Pads, Dragon bells/discs and Goodridge hoses. I got an all in deal for this kit a while back (including VAT and carriage) for £665 which effectively means you get the hoses and carriage for nothing. Go to a decent local garage, someone who knows what they are doing with Evo's and get them to fit the kit.

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I suggest we all contact Mr M @ Ralliart [ see his posting in suggestion section, under thread re - dealer rating`s ] asking everyone to give him feed back as there aim is to offer a cutomer for life service.

Funny thing is he wont answer my questions on the brake problems so that`s all a load of BOLLOCK`S for s start.

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Buy the AP RACING 6 pot caliper kit for GBP 1500 from Power Engineering or sthg. Much better breaking. Oh, and get magnesium wheels to reduce unsprung weight.
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