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PRESCOTT – Speed Hill Climb
Sunday 28th July 2002
Gotherington, near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Courtesy of the Peugeot Sport Club we have
been invited along to their annual PUGFEST ’02
which this year is being held at the famous hill climb at Prescott.

The MLR have be allocated some space and also some time to drive the famous hill or you can just watch the action that the PSC club will put on.

Entry fee will be £10.00 per person (£1.00 for kids)
Hill Climb tickets expected to be £7.00 for 2 runs

Now you may have noticed that this event is the day after the
Rally SuperCar Day at Combe, so why not make a week-end of it and
support the PSC as they will be supporting us on the Saturday at Combe

Tickets available from me – Trevor

[email protected]

[email protected]
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