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Pre-preg carbon dashboard and console with all gauges switches etc

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For sale, complete pre-preg carbon dash for evo 4/5/6 with all gauges, switches, avcr etc. Also matching centre console in carbon.

The dash bolts onto the 4 OE bolt points and has a duct to clear the screen. Bare dash weighs 1.5kg and with all gauges etc shown is 3kg. The console weighs 400g :D

Obviously this isnt for a road car. You would have to make up your own wiring to connect everything up. The dash has its own loom with 5 sureseal connectors.

Bear in mind it has been cut for a weld-in roll cage as shown in the photos.

Rev counter - Stack
Oil pressure/temp gauge - Spa
Water temp gauge - Stack
Shift lights - ecliptech shift-i
Avcr (will need a map sensor)
2x boost gauges ( can be changed for any other gauge)
Geartronics red led display
R/L inducator leds
Main beam led
Charge light
Oil pressure light
Switches as shown
Glovebox aperture cover included
Has hazard and horn buttons for bare minimum mot.


Pilot style ignition switch and start button
2x 10-way rotary switches
2x rocker switches

Only 4 of these dashboards ever made. Only 2 consoles ever made. Rare and ultimate lightweight dash for your sprint car.

Be aware this will involve a fair amount of wiring to install. I'd rather sell complete but will consider price change if there are parts you dont need that i can sell on.

£2k plus postage for the lot. Includes gauge sensors but not avcr map sensor.

Call or pm any queries 07774 718492. Located in Aberdeenshire


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That is a lovely piece of kit but can't justify/afford it for my daily.Hope someone snaps up a bargain.
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I had a few messages about this so to answer a few questions:

I can't split the dash and console - they are designed to mate to each other and won't be able to be used with any OE counterpart. The dash and console are a complete package

Supplied with the dash will be the mating ends of the Sureseal plugs cut off the loom so there are some flying leads to connect to the car

Spa and Stack gauges will have their sender units included.

Manufactured by MadMac Motorsport Unlimited (that's me :))
:googoo::googoo: If this fitted my 3 i'd snap this up..

Looks awesome,,, GLWTS

what are you replacing it with btw?

cheers Jamie
Out of interest, what's the weight saving on this over the standard dash?
The std dash is 8 or 9 kg going from memory but it depends on what OE features are kept to an extent.

By the time a car is purely track focussed the saving could be 5kg. It's been so long since i weighed a std dash i cant remember!

Carbon dash looks cool and is functional. It keeps a full dash for only a small extra weight penalty over a single panel dash and open bulkhead, as many pure track cars are.

Edit: Jamie, am making a new one without any holes cut in it :)
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Bump :D
Now on the Bay of E
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