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Hello peeps !!

As some of you know, I have been arranging a rolling road day at Powerstation in Cheltenham for this Saturday 15th December.

I was keeping it fairly quiet since there was limited availability, however, things have changed and it is now open for all.

The cost of each run will be £20, the day will start at 9.30am, I will be running the day and organising who goes on to the rollers. This is not an Evo only day, there will be a few GTiRs, and maybe various other cars. I am looking to get between 25 and 30 cars ideally. We will be doing the usual convoy from South Mimms, leaving at 7.45am sharp for a 9.30 am arrival at Powerstation.

Here is the current list of participants:

Barry (Wazuptommi)
Lee (LeeLegend)
Baljit (C2GSR)
Andy (Pondy)
Andy (AndyF_RSX)
Rob (Robert)
Mark (MarkyMark) ....maybe !
Alexis (GTiR)
Evan (GTiR)
Tony (GTiR)
Yod (Sapphire Cossie)
Glenn (R34 Skyline)

If anyone else wants to actually participate, please reply on this thread. All visitors are welcome.

Should be an interesting day


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Powerstation rolling road day Saturday 15th Dec

Andy_RSX has had to pull out unfortunately, and my friend Yod can't make it.

Do we have any takers? If there's no-one else by wednesday I will advertise this on other groups. I'm just giving you guys priority.



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Re:powerstation rolling road day : Satu

I'll b there as a spectator , looking forward 2 c'ing Glenns 34 on the rollers :)

Come on guys , Powerstation is an easy trip 4 lots of u.

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Glenn can't make it now unfortunately. However, its likely that Blade will be bringing his M5 along and Mark Shead might bring his wife's Integra Type-R.

With these and other cars we will now be up to 15 cars. Please try and make it if you can.

Cheers people.

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