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I have noticed in the last week that my power steering has come heavy to the point that my muscles hurt(and no im not Mr Bean). It still works as when the power is off the steering is extremely heavy. Power steering fluid is fine and the pump still seems to work, but dont know were to start looking for the fault. Concered that at some point that it will go all together. Have also checked tyre pressures which seem to be ok.
Does anyone have any ideas?

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Having looked at the troubleshooting guide that I have got (US DSM Manual the system wont have changed much), it put it down several things
- loose belt
- Insufficient fluid
- Twisted/damaged hoses
- Knakered pump - no pressure
- Steering rack loose
- twisted firewall around steering shaft
- loose connections on electronic weighted steering
- excessive friction around steering linkage
- seal damage on pinion and valve in rack
- malfunction of the ball joints
- fluid leaking

You could try bleeding air from the system

check the level of the fluid

disconect ignition module fuse

crank the engine turning the wheel full lock to full lock

always make sure that the fluid level is OK

reconnect ignition fuse

start and idle

check fluid level - should drop a little at idle

watch for bubbles - if none then OK - if bubbles repeat procedure

hope this all helps


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Good list of possible faults from Dunc , as always check the simple stuff first. If the drive belt isn't slipping then I wud suspect a hose problem.
Hoses can develop a fault that is invisible externally , but when removed they appear 2 b blocked or very restricted. The inner lining of the hose can become delaminated and then fluid under pressure causes it 2 collapse and cause restriction or blockage.
Also check 4 thickening of the fluid , it shud b very thin , if it becomes thicker due 2 ageing , the flow will b restricted.

Is there any noise from the pump or drive belt , the drive belt can b so worn that it doesn't drive of the sides of the pulley but rests on the bottom of the vee so no amount of tension will allow it 2 drive the pump at full power (vee belts only) or it cud b so stretched that it can't b adequately tensioned.

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Thanks for the reply's, going to BTR on friday for the tracking so will ask them to have a look, but will have a go and some the things mentioned here. Just hope its not the pump.

PS Evoboy looks like im may be getting a second car, maybe a diesel ZX, what do think!
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