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power per pound!!

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ok guys I've now got the time to have my 260 tuned so what is the best power increase per pound. I've spoke to Allan down at WRC and i really did enjoy the Sunday down there and i thank him very much for explaining all the possible routes, but having looked on here im confused about which is the best and safest way around this.… Id like to see around 340 bhp but i only have £2000.00 to spare at this moment (wife's kicking off)! and rather than ditch the wife id like to keep both!

so guys which is the best way around this.…?

can u get 340BHP ish out of a 260 Evo 8 with only 2k to spend?

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if the 260 fuel pump is the same as the rest i tried it with autronic on a 7 to see how far i could go and ran out of fuel at 1.2 bar

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