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I would like to know what the power/torque gains are if you change the exhaust

i run with standard downpipe
cat replacement pipe
tommi makkingen middle section
hayward and scott rear silencer

some say 15 bhp some 25 bhp someone should test a car with a standard exhaust and then get the cat out and after that you should replace the midlle section and back box and do this all on the same day otherwise you get wrong figures

a friend of mine has the same setup but uses a hayward and scott middle section his car has more sound but the cars are equal if we pull away together.

So maybe you think youre faster because of the sound you hearhttp:// border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

For sure i know a decat will help but for the rest i have my doubts



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If the inner diameter is bigger, the engine can let more gas out. This is especially helpful when you raise boost a bit.
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