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Well as you have waited for a while to get your hands on these I am willing to do a very special introductory price on these items.

The kit is for the Evo 3 but may fit the 1 and 2 also. The kit consists of:

414AM005 - POWER-FC & FC Commander (D-Jetro) CP9A(Evo.5)
415-XA03 - D-jetro Intake Temp. Harness
499-X001 - Pressure sensor for B/C kit
49C-A004 - Pressure Sensor Harness 5P-L
4Z999A - Pure Suction Temp sensor
4Z999B - Temp Sensor Connector
4E73G012 - Conversion harness for CE9A

The price for this kit is usually £800 + Delivery but is on offer for £720 + Delivery on our website.

Special Offer Price £700 including delivery.

Now the catch - as they are discounted so much we can only take cash, cheque or Bank transfer for payment or if you wish to pay via card or Paypal you will need to add 3% to the cost.

If you only want the L-Jetro Version the price is £600 Delivered

I will be ordering these in batches of 3 so may be a short wait.


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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