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Hello All,

Just wondering what power people have got from there evo 4,5,6's at the wheels and with what mods.
Just trying to work out what my best bang for my buck will be


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Bang for buck it has to be the Magnex exhaust with many people reporting 25-30Bhp gains with just that mod alone. The full exhaust (turbo back) including de-CAT is just over £500. CAT back it is just over £300. An exhaust really goes hand in hand with improved induction and there are loads of different makes of induction kits or filters that you can fit with similar power improvements (usually 5bhp approx.). Blitz SUS seems to be most free flowing with HKS products also being popular. Also consider a cold air box to feed air from the front instead of from the engine bay.

Both those mods should see you to roughly 300-310bhp. Once you start getting to that sort of level then consider upgrading the con-rod bolts with uprated items as the OE bolts tend to stretch under higher loads.

After that then you start getting into serious mod territory where a remappable ECU is really required as a starting point.
Don't forget that improvements in power should also be balanced with improvements in reliability at high loads e.g. uprated big end bolts, uprated con rods and pistons etc.

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Re:power extracted from a EVO 4,5,6

Totally agree with Heevo - coz that's they way I did it - but read Super Drager and HKS inducyion istead, However, if I was doing it again I would sort the suspension as #1 priority, as thecars pretty hot as it is. Just look at the TME - it has lowered suspension as standard. I've fiteed HKS springs and I'm very pleased with the result. Lowered ride, firmer suspension under load - progressive rate springs and nothiung really detrimental.

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Yep another cost effective mod although I didn't mention it because Hypo6 was just after power border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Also along the suspension/handling line also consider the following in order of cost effectiveness (costs are approximate).

a) Get your suspension geometry reset for fast road use (£60)
b) Progressive lowering springs (£150)
c) Strut Braces (Front £100-£200, Rear £50-£100)
d) Uprated suspension bushings (£200|PLS|?)
e) Uprated/adjustable shock absorbers (£1000|PLS|?)
f) Pillowball top mounts (£?)

Remember you need a) after each of the other mods [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Of cause there are other areas that also can be upgraded.....transmission (clutch, flywheel etc.).....brakes (new discs and calipers etc.) in fact the list is pretty much endless. Just remember that uprating one area (e.g. power) may not be ideal without uprating other areas (e.g. brakes, transmission and amp; handling) at the same time.

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Hello Hypo6,

I've gone down an almost identical route, except I used the Blitz Nurspec Exhaust and amp; Magnex de-cat pipe. Rolling Road Day @ Tuning Japanese showed 305BHP and amp; 274Lbft on Super Unleaded. I've now added the Blitz Stainless Steel Induction Kit, that I brought from Heave Ho 6 which has made a difference to the responsiveness and the acceleration of the car. I can't give you a figure for an increase, as I need to get it Dyno'd again. (Steve C - Are you ready for that rematch yet?) border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

The Blitz exhaust also makes a fantastic noise, but may be too loud for everyone with the silencer out!!


Andy Hedges
L 300 EVO

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Glad to see you've risen to the challenge. Mr. Blitz gets my cash in two weeks so we will be running almost identical mods (until I get it chipped anyway border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >). There's a R/R day planned for October - see U there.


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Thanks for the responses guys. I am interested as I am in OZ and we have some serious competitors out here.
Cant have a evo being beaten by a wrx
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