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I'm buying a set of second hand E4 standard Oz f1s to put on my car as want to keep the external standard trim.
The old set that has flaked like hell ,provoked by wonder wheels I must hasten to add.

I'm getting the spare set powder coated and thought of BRIGHT YELLOW! for my Blue E4.
I have seen Bright blue on a yellow E5.
Thought this was a little diffrent for track days.
Also concidered
BLUE [dark]

Any thoughts ,before I go a head and get it done .don't want to be laughed :D

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The best thing that u should do is get someone who is good with photoshop to colour in your wheels in the desired colours and then you can have a look and see what they are like.


P.S. Before you ask, I'm no good at all with photoshop :)

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I'd go for white. They'll give you a 'Motorsport' look and might make you go faster on the track! border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

I'm also selling my E4 wheels if you want to have a looksie when you're down for the New Forest meet.

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lime green or pink if you wanna be seen! :)

Robert - would probably take me longer to do that than it would to actually do the wheels for real :)


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You can buy my anthracite Super T's if you like. I'm thinking of getting the white 5 spokes, ala WRC!

Mine are immac, only done 3k and were powdered from new!

I was thinking of doing mine blue btw!

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Where you gonna get this work done?
I also have some alloys that need the edges ground down then repainted,
(thanks for the microlite go go info!)

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I have bought the wheels they are coming to me friday,that reminds me to arrange a carrier.
Ray ,call ya tomorrow/today.I'm in a time warp.
Grog ,committed to another set off the for sale board before spottied yours border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

BiG E do know what? thought of a loads of colours that would go with blue inc Orange but lime green .
Blue and green should never be seen.Aye pink for a TT not ann Evo.
Dave , a pic is on its way by mail.
Splodge ,there s a place in Bristol that powder coats Harley frames and such like ,does allot of work for the biking guys and sand blast and coats top job seen the work.£30 a wheel before cash offer:D.I have his card from last year when I paid him a visit, will coat in any colour I choose. real biker guy used to powder coate for BMW and porkers who ever wanted work done .they will do calipers as well.But youll have to strip them .
Craig Charles once wrote a limeric.

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who swollowed a packet of seeds.
with in the hour her t!ts were in flower.
and her Crack was covered in weeds.

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Just seen the post (on my home via Dubai) - anyone want a Motec ECU - cheap here! :D

Anyway my E7 wheels are starting to corrode at the edges - I thought about having them refurbed in a deep red colour against the Silver bodywork - thoughts guys - would it be too much or should I stick to silver?

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Grrrrr Dave...get you own material, took me hours to knock that E6 up LOL :D (nice flames though :D)
(digi photo of my Autoart E6 with actual 18in Comp MO pictures over the top...oh and not forgetting the hand drawn smilies ;))
Wait for the next version it's gonna be good :D

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Nice work as well Colin :)

Can't wait for the next version though, almost like virtual modding this! :) Have to compliment you on your smoke though, it's very good.

In anticipation


PS - Sorry for hijacking the thread :D
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