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Posting Wheels

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As title says posting wheels (4 with tyres) who does it how much and if you have a number let me know!

Thanks Duncan
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Thanks Gary
Do you know if they will all have to be boxed individually or together and will I get away with out boxing them and putting them in strong bags?

Thanks for your help

Richie Russ said:
I ship wheels up and down the country everyday, just put some cardboard over the alloy x 4 as best as you can, so they dont get scratched, then mark the address on each one. sorted. :p
Thanks for the reply
Can I ask who you use for delivery?

Thanks Duncan
Richie Russ said:
I use me :) i run a logistics and courier company :p
Don't suppose you do nation wide do you?

Cheers Duncan
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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