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I am doing a lot of trackdays with my Evo X, approx 2 a month!
So far I have not had any issues. I change the oil and filter after every trackday and the brake fluid after 2 or three track days. I have 2009 with 30k on the clock.

I want to try and keep the Evo in top nik (with all the trackwork it is doing) any advice on that parts that will wear first (ie clutch) and any other maintenance tips?

My car fq-330 manual, is stock with a GReedy exhaust.

I have adjusted my camber to -2.2 on the front and -0.5 on the back (tyre wear was excessive before this) and run my tyres at 35psi to start.

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As you are doing already, all fluids changed very regulary. Brake discs and pads take a hammering too.

Spanner check and make sure all hoses etc are tight.

35 psi seems alot to start with as the temp goes up when on track, so your probably hitting 42 and above near the end of a session, not good. I start off on 26-28psi.

I run mine on track and still keep it mint.... Enjoy!
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