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Would you like to try another pub for the South London Monthly meets?

  • Yes - try another pub

    Votes: 6 75.0%
  • No - stick to the Bulls Head

    Votes: 2 25.0%

Possible Change of location for the South London Monthly Evening meets

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Sorry - I don't know if this is the correct part of the forum for this thread - please move to the correct area if it is not OK.

Due to a few of bad turn outs on my South London Monthly Evening meets I have been chatting with other members and may look at changing the location of the meets to another pub in the same area.

The basic feed back I am getting at the moment is -

The pub is a bit claustrophobic

The prices are a bit on the high side - ie - £3 for a pint of coke which is only about 3/4's of a pint as it is two bottles not draft.

It is a bit of a older persons pub - although this is maybe a good thing as you don't get any trouble from them and it is easy to have a chat without music blasting at you all the time.

Please let me know what you think OK.

On the poll if you would like to try another pub then can you post an alternative pub so I can get things sorted asap.

Also post up any reason for changing aswell if you like.



BTW - I am not going to vote on this poll
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:confused: surely more than one person has got an opinion on this meet and pub - haven't they? :confused:
:confused: 86 views and only 2 votes :confused:

Perhaps the poll should have been -

Option 1 - Should I continue to do the regular evening monthly meets :confused:

Option 2 - Should I cancel the regular evening monthly meets :confused:
Sorry mate ive only just seen this thread

Im not fussed, I dont mind the pub we are in at the mo

ill go with the flow
Thanks Lawrie :smthumbup

Can you vote on this please mate?

I'll be on MSN in a mo
Ive voted mate, but I wish you put ' I dont mind choice ' :)
Cheers Lawrie :smthumbup

If I had have put an 'I don't mind option' that may not have had the desired poll out come as I am looking for yes or no answers only to help sort out the meet you see ;)
i would vote but i have not been able to make one yet due to work etc. however dont cancel the meets otherwise i cant make one then! anyway good luck sorting it out jon
No I know what you mean Matthew - it is mainly for those that have been to the meets at that pub - as they have got an idea of what the place is like mate ;)

You can't vote on what you don't know can you :crackup:
So far the poll stands at 3 to 1 in favour of a change of pubs.

More votes please.


4 to 1 in favour of a new pub now - looks like I better start looking again :eek:
I've not actually been to a meet, but know the current pub well.

Surely you want somewhere big and with a large decent lit car park. Not sure what location your looking into, have you considered the Fairmile Arms in Cobham?

There are a few clubs which meet there
Thanks Norm - finally another option :smthumbup

I will look into that pub mate :coolsm:
This pub is used by a fair few car clubs so you know that it can cater for the MLR , easy to get to as well for all them south london meets people :smthumbup:coolsm:

Thanks for confirming that Mike :coolsm:
I don't mind Jon. Fairmile could be an option though as a decent car park would be nice approaching the lighter evenings ;)

Good work though, mate :smthumbup

Paul :D
Thanks Paul :smthumbup

I have just put the two pubs into the AA route finder from my place and the Cobham one is about 2 miles closer to me if I go across country but about 3 miles further away if I go on the M3 and M25.

So I will definately give that one a check over when I get a free day as I am quite busy at the moment what with Marham next weekend and the next regular evening meet this coming Wednesday and I would like to get at least one more fishing trip in before the end of the season which I think is March the 14th or 16th isn't it? Although some lakes don't have closed seasons do they? Then my enigine build and swap over is planned for the end of March as I am off work from the 20th to the 31st of March so that has put out any thing for the rest of March realistically.
Both of the pubs mentioned to try sound good
Cheers Lawrie :smthumbup
get on msn jon
Straight away SIR :crackup:
:confused: Only 8 votes for this :eek: that is nearly as bad as the current turn out for the meets :crackup:

I am going to check out the Fairmile in Cobham today hopefully and see if they can give us the same dates so as not to have to change that aswell ;)
Hi could anyone please tell me where the evening meet will be for june as not quite sure wot pub to turn up at . cheers evo4john
Hi John

I have been without my Evo for a while as it is in having the engine upgrade done and this ment that last month's and maybe even the month before's eveing meet got cancelled and seeing as my car isn't going to be ready unitll next weekend at the earliest that would make the first Wednesday in June out aswell.

Although I could move the meet to the 2nd Wednesday night in June as that is more likely to be after I get my car back.

Only thing is - that will be very short notice for putting up the thread and getting people to see it in time for the meet as I don't want to put up the thread untill I have actually got my car back.

So I may wait untill July and start again from there and go for the first Wednesday night again.

I will keep you posted OK :smthumbup

Hope this answers your question mate.


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