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Thanks for everyone who has contacted me showing your concern, its much appreciated. border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
What am I talking about?

Well in case you didn't know my Evo 6 engine recently 'let go' on the way from work. (19/2/01) [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
All I know is there was a loudish bang when coming on boost (2500rpm-3500rpm) at about 40-50mph and then a loud ticking from the top of the engine there after. I dared not rev it high enough afterwards to see if the turbo was still providing boost. I stopped and could see nothing wrong with a quick inspection. I nursed it home at a maximum of 2500rpm but kept it at tickover as much as I could. It seemed to be running fine apart from the ticking noise but pickup was slow.
I have just got back from dropping off the car at Mill Lane Mitsubishi via Recovery lorry.
They can't look at it until Thursday (22/2/01) [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
The mechanics were quite helpful and took interest in it even if they looked a little young for my liking!
They had a Group N Evo 6 they were working on which reassured me a bit that they knew what they were doing.
All they could say was that they have never had anything go wrong with an Evo apart from the tappets needing cleaning.
It could be the turbo shedding an impellor and damaging a valve?, or it could be a valve or con rod?, maybe even the cambelt jumping a tooth?
I'm no expert so I'm just guessing. I will let you know what the damage is when I know.

My car is standard apart from grommit removal and has full Mitsubishi Service history. It has now covered 16,500 miles. I changed the oil 3000 miles ago.

I will keep you informed as to the problem.

Hmmmmmm....Impreza is looking more appealling now. (Joking!)

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Oh boy! Good to hear you're only joking about the Impreza!

A friend of mine blew up his Evo 6 RS2 engine ofter 7000 miles. He was cruising on the motorway in 5th at 4500 rpms and the engine went bang, smoke coming out of it etc. The third con rod was bent and amp; the engine basically completely out of order. He bought it from Sonauto Ralliart France and has no guarantee!

Lucky man,


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Bummer , just before Tuning Jap RR day too border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Conrod or piston damage is unlikely from yr comments. An awol conrod wud really introduce itself , and a piston failure wud most probably create a smoke screen. Cud have dropped a valve but u wud loose that cylinder which make the engine very rough.
Cud be a ufo in the cambelt and then it jumped a tooth.
All speculation though , I hope it's not serious , my fingers are crossed for ya.
Will be interested to hear the diagnosis.

Will we still see u at the RR day?

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Bad news that border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Like Evoboy sez I'd pretty much rule out conrod/piston damage - the thing still idles OK after all. The cambelt jumping a tooth or two would explain all of what you say.

Hows the warranty situation? Are they OK with the grommet removal? (fingers crossed)

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Bad luck mate. As I mentioned on another thread, if you want a lift to the R/R day to meet people and amp; do your exhaust noise research, drop me a line.


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I think the guys have covered most things, I am pretty sure it's not rod/piston etc..and probably not cambelt. Last year a guy at Cadwell had a very similar experience with the same noises, turned out to be a broken tappet. Heres hoping.

Rgds Kevin A

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Thanks for the input.
Broken tappet does sound like the most likey cause from what you all have suggested and thankfully most probably the least expensive unless the valve dropped and damaged the piston crown (is that possible with a broken tappet?) There was certainly no smoke and I was extremely suprised at how well the engine was running if something major had happened like the turbo going. I did look in the filler cap but obviously you can't see very much.
The tappets were getting noisey again at start up just a few days before so your suggestion also bares some more credability.
I don't really want to mention about the warranty because after all I have said on here about when buying a car to make sure you get a good warranty, I like a prat, never got around to transferring it from the previous owner. It was always one of those things that I was going to do tommorrow but never got round to it. I will look into the warranty situation but it looks like I will have to bite the bullet and do some wallet surgery. Luckily I just sold my old Mk1 MR2 so the coffers are fairly full.
Darin has offered me a refund on the R/R day (what a guy!) but I will try and make the day as I have some transport available.
Looks like I will get that mug for lowest output of the day after all.....0 Bhp! border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Cheers guys.

Btw the recovery vehicle driver reckons he has had a load of R34 Skylines on the back of his wagon recently. All stolen recovered! The last one had its whole side ripped off by some ****** who must have scraped the side against a crash barrier or similar while joyriding.
It may sound a cruel but it made me feel a bit better as theres always someone worse off than yourself!

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Really sorry to hear that. I agree with the tappet theory. My car is in at the moment having the tappets replaced. Didnt experience the loud bang but they were really noisey.I'll let you know how I get on. Hope it doesn't cost you too much to repair. On a lighter note I've been given a 600BHP automatic Carisma as a courtesy car. I didnt know cars got this quick, will ask for something more sedate next time. Also the graphics are rather fetching. Not sure if i want the Evo back now border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle > [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle > [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >
(thaught I'd try and cheer you up)

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So Sorry to hear of your trouble. I hope its not too costly to repair !!!

Do you think that the grommet removal may have had anything to do with the problem ?

Putting extra strain on something ?

From what you say it certainly sounds like one of the hydraulic tappets may have seized temporarily which caused a back fire. I would expect that the engine should run a little rough if thats the case.


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It runs OK apart from the loud ticking and obvious loss of power although as I said I didn't try and rev it over 2500rpm to find out how bad the power loss was. I immediately thought of the turbo as it went coming on boost but obviously the engine is under pretty much maximum strain when boost is arriving so that is when anything, not just the turbo, would let go anyway. Would wastegate failure cause the turbo impellers to be damaged or does the wastegate only fail safely? (i.e. leak and not allow the turbo to spin faster). The noise is coming from the top of the engine so I think that would rule out the turbo. I assume the turbo would be really noisey if that had shread an impellor but it was quiet.
I should look at the manual but if only one rocker failed on a 16-valve twin cam engine I assume the other valve would be enough to allow pretty much standard running? The engine wasn't smoking.

Anyway I will wait and see what the garage has to say.

Thanks again.

Btw I have decided to come to the Southern R/R day to win the lowest output of the day mug!
(no, I won't be putting my parents Belmont on the R/R!)

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The cam act's directly on the valve bucket , so it is possible for individual valves to drop or whatever , but as yr motor idles and runs ok I doubt this is the problem.

Shud the turbo fail , again the engine wud run badly or not at all , my VI just blew off a boost hose last year and there was so much smoke and the engine just wud not pick up that I was sure of a big style engine failure.
Five minutes with a screwdriver and it was if nothing had happened border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Had a similar event to yrs happen a few years ago on a Harley Davidson , it was a collapsed hydraulic tappet.

Fingers still crossed.

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With such a sophisticated management system and sensor orientated engine .
Did any warning lamps come on the dash.?
This would indicate quite a few areas to look at,the bang you heard may of been a huge misfire.Which could be connected with the timing.The loss of power/compression ,may not necessarely produce lots of smoke straight away ,if your piston rings have just given up the ghost.
Will be interesting to see the outcome.
A diagnostic test should disquilify areas ,rather than the garage strip down the top,and bottom end.


Paul s

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Can't believe it! If there is anything I can do regarding warranty transfer (that is not totally illegal) then let me know.

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Also, I bought the car from Trade 1 imports in Hoddesden, Herts in March 2000 (i.e less than a year ago). Don't know if they have any responsibility or not.

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No warning lamps at all came on and it wasn't a back fire as know what they are!
As I have found before with engine management systems they are crap at reporting faults even when they are supposed to!
The more I think about it and study the workshop manual the more it tends towards the rockers. Could be a lash adjuster failure or roller rocker arm. If that is the case then I hope the camshaft is not damaged or come to that the head. As I said before it is still guess work but I thought the engine would have been running a lot worse should anything more major had happened, if was bad I wouldn't have even tried to nurse it home!
Indy thanks for the reply, I will look into the warranty situation. My own fault though for not transferring it so I am prepared to bite the bullet.

Hopefully I should know sometime tommorrow the actual situation.

I went to look at an Impreza today, actually they don't look too bad, hmmmm......

(as you can see I still have my sense of humour)

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U won't find any rocker arms in yr engine as the cam lobe operates the hydraulic valve lifter element directly , no rocker or roller or anything , this is typical for a performance motor.

Fingers still crossed.

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My terminology may not be quite right but I think I see how it works.
From my understanding the free play in the rocker assembly is taken up by the hydraulic lash adjuster which acts on the rocker. The cam also acts on the rocker and then onto the valve. I will have another look in the manual to see if I understand it correctly (appears in the E6 WSM but not in the E4/5 WSM). There 5-6 pages in the manual on syptoms of lash adjuster failure, on how to take out and clean the lash adjusters and how to clear them when you hear the dreaded tappet noise. It seems there are many reasons listed in the manual why the lash adjusters fail to work correctly and give the dreaded tappet noise. The problem is if air gets into the lash adjuster which can happen when:
Letting the car stand (engine off) and oil drains down from the top of the engine.
Letting the car stand on an incline and oil drains down from the top of the engine.
Under filling with oil.
Over filling with oil.
Old oil.

If a collapsed rocker/lash adjuster turns out to be the problem I think I will be cleaning them myself in future fairly regularly (9000 miles) along with a shorter oil change period.

This is still speculation though.

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Rang Mill Lane today but they only had just started stripping the head when I rang (30 minutes into it at 5:30PM). I was told their head technican reckons it was a valve or...gulp...piston problem. Obviously that was only speculation from listening to the engine running. I pretty much thought it was a valve problem in some way but piston? If it was piston damage then it must be minor as it didn't show the classic oil burning of a major failure. Could be just one ring gone I suppose. Still doesn't bode well if it is a piston problem, damaged cylinder |EQU| rebore and over sized pistons fitted or even a complete short engine if the damage is very bad!
I don't think it is a piston problem I think its those bloody tappets that are the problem along with a valve.
Anyway it looks like they won't be able to work on it tommorrow as they have just got the parts in for a VR4 engine rebuild that they were waiting 2 months for!

Thats the advantage to Euro boxes, easier to get parts.

Btw My motor is now on the 'Members Cars' page (E6 - Colin Booker). Its the only place I get to see it now....sob!

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What a bummer, hope its not too serious or costly.

If they're after daft repair money, check out the the recent spate of cars for sale!

Judging by the prices some folks are selling their cars for, i wouldn't worry.
I predict by the end of the month, 25 quid will buy you a nearly new six, the previous owner will no doubt let you hump his missus aswell if you bargain hard!!

Hope this brings a smile.... our thoughts are with you.

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Sorry to mess you about but I cannot make the R/R day as I am going to inspect the damage to my Evo engine. Looks like its fatal and a new engine is required.
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