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Today I was competing in a dragster race.

I only have had two launches with my Evo from 5500 rpm (sideslip ) and both were today. Not even one launch since I have the car.

The car is an Evo VIII 260 and the best EL Time was 12,424sec exit speed 171,33 km/hr.

Anyway this is the problem and I beg for help and advice:

After the race today, each time I have the 1st gear, there is a very strong noise as if the car is using the reverse gear. I can’t really spot if the sound comes from the front or the after part of the car. I know the sound is loud and only with the first gear.

The sound is not like two or more metal things hitting each other. As a said I can best describe it as if I have the reverse gear instead of the 1st in the gearbox. No other weird sounds with other gears, on any type of malfunction of the car

I use a Cusco twinplate.

Any ideas suggestions what could it be? I really can’t wait until Monday to drive it to the garage.

Please help me!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
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