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Hi team,

This is my first with using forums. I have an Evo 4. I'm not mechanically minded but my father has 50 years experience. Not with evos though unfortunately.

What I thought was my clutch started slipping. I got the clutch replaced and it was still slipping. I bought a second hand transfer case that was supposedly out of a working evo with no problems. The slipping still persists..

My father, who installed the new clutch, said there was no signs of slipping. The car stalls when I put the hand brake on and let out the clutch in third gear. When I drive the car and the boost starts kicking in, the drivetrain starts spinning, the speedometer increasing, but the car isn't accelerating with the speedometer, like a slipping clutch.

There is a clunk/ing that comes from the rear diff sometimes. This mostly happens when feathering the clutch in first gear or slow sharp cornering?

The AYC fluid is low, could it be causing the slipping, have I bought a faulty transfer case? Any help would be hugely appreciated please? I have no idea where to go from here and my father isn't sure either.

P.s I don't have the money to take it to a specialist. :wallbang:
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