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Apparantly these are fitted as standard on the Speedline Turini 18s supplied thru Ralliart.

Has anyone any information about them? I am just about to upgrade to 18s and like the look of the Speedlines, but unsure about the tyre. Don't do any track days - about 8000 miles a year 50% motorway, 50 % A/B roads and don't want to compromise handling in any way. Don't care about road noise or ride quality. Ralliart won't supply them with any other rubber, just the Pirellis.

Or should I stay with 17s Enkei and fit something like Toyos R888 or Michelin PS2, or Bridgestone SO3s. I do like the look of the Speedlines, esp in Anthacite, but unsure what to do now.

Quick suggestions much appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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