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18X8.5 i think, they have a tyre size of 235/40/18 on. Will have a look to see the the et is, but they fit my 7:thumbup:
Price still thinking. will do a for sale add when i get time.
cool,ill keep an eye,mind you still keeping a close eye to a set of te37 that are for sale :naughty: which are quite affordable for what they are but do like these ones too

sorry to hijack thread :handsup:

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Had them on my black 8 before it became multi coloured, but can't find any pictures. I then put them on my white 7 -

From memory I think they were 8" wide, ET30 - I liked them, very light and a similar design to the Evo X wheels. The position in the arches is much the same as even though the X rims are 8.5" wide they're ET38.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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