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Well had my 6 now for a few weeks and just been reading the thread on bulbs for main lights... somebody mentioned the PIAA driving light kit... got me thinking !!!

My Evo6 has had the fogs replaced with PIAA units.. however these still work as fogs using the dashboard switch (with some fancy green LED light above it !)... now the question i guess is..

a) are there 2 PIAA kits.. one for replacement fogs and one for spotlights ?
b) if not.. what the darn have i got ? or have they just wired it up wrong !!

Any thoughts


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Yup , there are two options for lights in the front bumper pod's , 1/ fog lights 2/ driving lights.
To identify , fogs have clear lenses , driving lights are prismed lenses , I am referring to PIAA light kits only here.

The driving lights are supplied with a wiring loom complete with switch and relay/fuse.
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