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thought i'd just post up about my brake pad change.

Bought an E5 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Decided that as the brakes squealed like mad and felt soft and because buying an old car you want the confidence its all set up right and nothings going to fail ! that i would change the brake pads.

Liked the sound of Performance Friction pads from reviews on here and liked the price Indigo-gt was offering so ordered up.

When we got the old ones out they were actually great pads - EBC blue stuff - which explains the squeal and the fact they felt soft - i was taking it easy in a new car not getting them up to working temperature, i think they are more of a track pad?. Anyway off they came.

- They had anti squeal pads on the back so previous owner had tried to solve without any luck.

"Easy" for anyone doing;
(i'm no expert so best to have someone with you who knows what they are doing like i did as a first timer, as they will spot any faults, but recon i could do another time)

- Wheels off lol
- Brake fluid cap off (under bonnet)
- Pin clips off
- 2 pins knocked out
- Pads out (remove and replace one at a time)
- New pads in with just a little copper grease on the ends (despite reading otherwise was told generally you don't need to put grease all over the metal backs unless you are having problems/ noise issues, correct me if wrong please)
- Put back in reverse order inc pins, clips, fluid cap *
Pump brakes back up before driving !!

Fronts and back done in less than an hour

Worn in for a few days without baking them

Superb, great service from Indigo-gt from order came in a few days

Pads working excellent straight from cold feals like it will properly stop now, better for road use.

And the dreaded squealing has gone !


Will post up as they settle in more.

* don't forget to put your wheels back on :mhihi:
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