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For sale is my Peugeot 205 track car running a 306 2.0 Gti-6 (167bhp) engine. I bought this car in 2012 and spent some time cleaning it up and painting various bits and getting it ready for more trackdays, unfortunately I only managed a handful due to other commitments (Racing mx-5s :D) so this is now up for sale.

The car currently has no TAX but is MOT'd until April, I can tax it if requested but I haven't driven it on the road for about 6 months so couldn't comment on how it drives. I would recommend to trailer it away as the tyres aren't legal (lots of tread but scrubbed off inside edge, still good for trackdays).
The bodywork is in good condition for a track car but has picked up a few scratches being in the garage. Engine is very strong and you won't be disappointed! Handling wise I ran this on yoko A048s and was very impressed with the grip and the other cars it could keep up with and pass! It's a very capable lightweight track car!

The spec is as follows:


2.0 306 gti 6 engine
6 speed box
Re angled manifold (engine at correct angle)
Solid mounts
Quick shift modified linkage with mi16 stick and reverse cable
Larger 309 gti radiator lowered to allow room for inlet
Twin cooling fans on a switch (one fan still kicks in as normal)
Uprated cams ( according to engines last owner) so sold as standard due to no proof
unlocked gti6 ECU
Bespoke alternator setup - no AC
Pulls very well right upto limiter and the ratios of the 6 box really suit track driving.
Spiky (off the 205 drivers forum) engine loom
Re angled down pipe and full magnex exhaust system


Bilstien shocks and springs
Polybushed 309 gti wishbones and 309 gti driveshafts
205 gti 1.9 hubs with
Drilled grooved 206 gti180 discs and calipers
Drilled rear discs with new pads
New brake pipe and brake bias mounted by handbrake
Beam fully rebuilt a few years ago
Solid alloy rear mounts
Poly bushed
New drop links
309 gti ARB
1.9 wheels with Toyo Proxis T1R's (seen one trackday so at least one left in them)
I'll throw in a set of black 1.9 gti Speedline alloys with yoko A048s (only 1mm tread but good enough for another trackday)

Steel grey 1.9 gti shell - rust free and still in pretty good condition
Aluminium plated sunroof, polycarbonate rear screen and rear quarter windows (kept wind up fronts), Skoda Fabia front splitter, stripped out heaters and new dash panel with battery cut off and battery relocated to boot, aero catch locking bonnet pins, locking boot pins, and some general lightening
10 point OMP roll cage with extra harness bar
Single bucket and 4 point harness
Gti passenger seat and 3 point harness that I put in for MOT

Bad points:
Speedo doesn't work (due to snapped cable)
No rev counter (needs wired up)
Could do with a cambelt change before next trackday

Price is £1800

Contact me by email: [email protected]
or give me a text on 07736249881



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