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Hey guys,

My EVO 5 is stock at the moment and in a few weeks time Ralliart are going to install a mandrel bent exhaust system and cold air induction package for me.

What kind of performance increases should I expect from these two things being done??

Are the ralliart parts they install good quality stuff??

Hit me back, Thanks

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Are you situated in AKL? Which EVO you're driving? HOw much does your exhuast and induction kit cost?? My EVO is also stock and i'll like to modify it also.

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Across the board you will enjoy better power from the cold air induction system. The estimates I hear thrown up are typically around 5HP. I find these figures believable. A new stock filter starts to become restricted quite quickly. A better filter will maintain good flow over a longer period of time. It will make it possible to flow more air to the engine.
The real stuff you get when you start to spin the engine fast. A good exhaust will do wonders for top end. Take a good look at the inside diameter of the flange where the pipe joins the muffler when removed. At 7k RPM there must be significant backpressure. Turbo cars don’t need backpressure. I think that the stock exhaust was part of what kept this car at 280 PS. I estimate that exhaust alone is responsible for as much as 15 HP. More than that will require a lift in boost.

Ralliart stuff is pricey but good.

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Removing the air restrictor will increase the boost.
This would meen that my E4 should be pushing close to 300bhp .
Yet to rolling road it.would be interesting .
Any one know a rolling rd accessable on a sunday?


Paul s

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I've seen you talk about this air restrictor mod on your 4 a few times. Can you let me know some detail on how it is done and does it make a noticeable difference?



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Mandrel bending keeps the internal profile of the tube (round usually) without creasing or deformation. Cheaper ways of bending exhaust leave kinks and squash the tube (try it with a straw next time you're in McDonalds).

IIRC to mandel bend a tube it is filled and surrounded with sand before bending, this stops the negative effects described above.

I would hope that all the mega-expensive s/s stuff sold for Evos (HKS, Mongoose etc.) is made this way. If not, why not?!

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The air intake will let more air into the engine. However, it appears that the limiting factor on the Evo is the exhaust: it has too much backpressure (as correctly stated above) resulting in nothing happening after 5800 - 6000 rpms . If you change the exhaust for an aftermarket one, the engine will rev up to 7000 rpms, allowing you to be higher up in the revs when changing gears, ie the car becomes a little faster.

To get significant power increase, you should have the ECU modified in order to change the boost settings. These should be risen to at least 1.5 or 1.6 bars pressure to become significant. Now you will need the air filter to get enough air!

Enjoy your car!!!


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Could anyone suggest the best aftermarket exhaust system and air-filter for muy Evo-5?
I need the downpipe as well. What about Magnex complete system from downpipe onwards?
What do you think of Blitz or K and amp;N air-filter together with the Spec-R battery/filter relocation kit. Anybody knows the price of the Ralliart mandrel bent exhaust manifold?
Is it necessary to change the std. manifold as well for better power? Dennis the Menace
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