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Just wondering is there any system for calculating bhp and torque etc,some sort of computer simulation program.Have heard of a book mentioned which explains engine characteristics etc , would be interested if anyone can shed any light on these subjects.:)

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I've got a spreadsheet that will do that (got it from Lightspeed) and I'll mail it to you sometime tonight when I get in.


P.S. Haven't been able to get around to you this week as I've been busy but maybe next week somtime? I'll give you a ring.

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Guys there is an excellent simulator (you may find what you need there)
in the following page:

You can find the program in two versions:

Dos: and click on the CarTest4.5


Windows: cick on DEMO at the home page (this requires the java 2 runtime environment which you can download from a link at the same page)

If I remember correctly the DOS (DEMO) version allowed a lot of fiddling with the values.
Although it may not give you an estimated power/torque figures (I am not sure) it gives you acceleration times, comparison with other cars (1/4 miles ...), suggests best way to use the clutch for standing starts ...

I don't know how accurate it is but I consider it as a great effort !

Hope you find it useful and enjoy using it (as I did).


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That DOS cartest program is about as accurate as these things can be I reckon.

The interface is a bit clunky in these point-and-click times but it's a good laugh nonetheless. You can spend hours tweaking the parameters and entering in new cars and the 5-way 1/4 miles and real circuits give it plenty of scope for fannying around. Really puts F1 performance in a new light when you compare lap times and try and just boost up the hp to keep up!
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