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I am thinking of having a de-cat pipe and Blitz Sus air filter induction kit installed on my E VI. Anyone had this done and what differences in performance/sound/driveability etc can I expect.

Thanks in advance.

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What exhaust system have you got or are you just decatting with the OEM exhaust? The Blitz metal mesh filter is rather noisy. If you go to Oulton Park mid October for the LTR Day you'll have a chance to see/hear a few different combinations - or is that money burning a hole in your pocket?!

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The Blitz filter is the best currently available , so good choice. With the filter and de-cat pipe u will notice a slight improvement in throttle response and some more noise which enhances the EVO experience ! To notice an improvement in performance u will have to add a good exhaust system Combined with the Blitz filter , I have the Nurspec exhaust and de-cat pipe and u can feel the difference , I'm well pleased with this setup. The noise increase from the exhaust is very noticible though and your personality wud determine if this was acceptable , I luv it !!
I am just about to install an upgraded turbo down pipe which replaces the decat pipe , so mine is available for sale , see the for sale section for details.
If it helps and u are close to the Birmingham area I could fit your filter and de-cat pipe for u at a very reasonable LTR friendly rate , I have good facilities , 2 post lift etc and have done my car and a few others.

See ya.

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RE:performance air filter etc EVOboy

Evoboy .

You open sundays ?
Do you do the following.
break pad replacements.
Lowering springs replacement.
fitting strut braces.
break caliper replacements.
Any replacements that don't require major surgery.
If so i'm interested.
I work 6 days a week.and finding any one with knowledge of the Evo in the Swindon wilts area is a no,no.
So getting things done with confidence,is hard.
Will pay cash,and give you a hand as well.
Don't have facilities myself, infact my car isn't garaged.
[email protected] Or
[email protected]
if interested.


Paul s

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Thanks guys. Evoboy, unfortunately I am based in London, sometimes travelling to Manchester. I am having the filter and decat pipe fitted in Manchester where i can leave the car, visit family etc and pick it up on the same day - but thanks for the offer.

I have a standard exhaust and don't mind the noise, but if improvements are only marginal??? (HELP REQUIRED), I don't think I will bother because I can't at this stage see the point in changing exhausts (the car has only done 4K).

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The cat pipe is a Magnex. What I really want is for the engine to be a bit livlier when the turbo is not on boost, ie when setting off (I know I will never get earth shattering performance between 1-3,000 revs, but as it stands its extremelly sluggish!!)


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I have just had a full exhaust system installed including down pipe and cat replacement by Dragon Autosport. They also installed a Blitz induction kit at the same time. The exhaust is manufactured by Magnex and sounds lovely at around 5000-6000rpm. It also sounds a lot better on tick over than the standard exhaust system.

The blitz induction kit also sounds good, even better than the HKS SUS which I used to have fitted to my EVO 5.

As far as performance goes I have not seen any noticeable improvements at low revs but my EVO 6 seems to perform better between 70-100mph. This may also be a false sense speed as the louder the car the quicker it seems.

I did find a rattle at low revs where the exhasut down pipe was hitting the strut brace under the car. This was resolved easily by installing a washer under each fixing bolt which provided enough clearance.

Whether the car is quicker or not I would say it was money well spent just for the sound of the exhaust and induction kit.

Dragon Autosport was very helpfull and completed the whole job in under 2 hours. They even dropped me off in the town centre to find the local cafe whilst I waited. Excellent job done.

I would highly recommend Dragon Autosport for any performance upgrades or to answer any technical questions you may have.

Dragon Autosport: Tel. 01206 865 444.
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