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Hi guys! Sorry for my English. :D
Now I'm testing a per cylinder correction of the mixture. At the moment I only have one wideband sensor. Therefore, it was decided to use the EGT sensor in each runner of the exhaust manifold. As far as we know a more lean mixture gives higher EGT.
In this video my friend is cheating on per cylinder correction in the cylinder and shows the change of the EGT and mixture for all cylinders.

Cylinder fuel trim 2 - YouTube

In another video check the interaction between the cylinders, as can be seen in the total mixture is changed, and the EGT stays the same.

Cylinder fuel trim - YouTube

I plan to add 2D or 3D tables for each cylinder, to trim EGT on all cylinders and check if any profit from this.

What do you think? :eek:

p.s Egt sensor in runners
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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