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paypal how many of u use it

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i always had trouble using this paypal yrs ago so i quit

but after alot of my customers asking me to open one for trade i finally decided ok will give it a shot just waiting for some info.

how the **** does it work, how much does paypal take aff u when u sell something and do they pay the money into your business account or your paypal account

and if they do pay it into your paypal account how much do they charge if u ask them to put it into your bank account instead

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If you trade less than 1.5k a month they will take 3.4% from you + .20 a transaction.

Between 1.5k and 6k they will take 2.9% from you and .20p a transaction.

15k to 55k they will take 2.7% + .20p a transaction.

55k+ 1.9% and .20p a transaction.

The above isnt too bad really; Worldpay charge upto 4.5% and NoChex is not much better plus they have a strict registration process. You could offer online merchant services but Visa/Mastercard absolutely take the pee with their percentage and flat rate transaction charges unless you are raking in millions. The only other alternative is google wallet but officially that doesn't 'exist' as yet. :)

There is also a massively obvious advantage when using these type of services if you want it to use it that way.. ;)


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moses said:
haha u are a smart guy mate :D nice way to do business :lol: without the lady finding out, cheers for the info mate :)

thats this nochex anyway i see chris aka funkyproducts using it how does that work

Exactly the same way as PayPal mate, though I believe their commission is slightly lower than Paypal (2.6% + .20p). However, their receive limits are pretty rubbish - something like 300 quid a day from Nochex members and 100 quid a day from non members. You can apply for custom 'receive' rates if you are a merchant but I reckon you will end up getting screwed on the interest rate. Best person to ask would be Bazza as he uses (or used to) Nochex for his site.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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