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As you may know I live in ireland and have just got a Lancer Evo 11 ,, still waiting for paper work from customs so she isn't on the road yet.

If any of you are looking for parts,, (this also applies to my British Chums said in best Euro trash voice) there is an Irish based supplier of parts called JS autoparts. I know one of the 'owners' (he goes out my sister)and he says he can get plenty of bits for the Lavcer Evo series.

I'm getting clutch, timing belt, pads etc,,,

The web address is and you are probably best mailing them at [email protected] telling them what you need.

And remember sterling is very strong so prices will be attractive,,,,


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Hi steve,

I also live in Ireland I have Got an EVO IV
I get my part's of AMF MOTORSPORT in Dublin
do you no of him he is very good with the car's.
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