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Thought I would post the parts required for my car..

Just incase any one is interested that is..

Its quite long, lol..

Rear Bumper
n/s Side Reinforcer
o/s Side Reinforcer
Centre Reinforcer
Bumper bracket *2
Lower Spoiler
Boot lid
Boot Hinge *2
Rear panel
Boot floor
o/s quarter panel
o/s/r Lamp panel
n/s/r Lamp panel
3-dimond badge
LANCER badge
EVO vi Badge
o/s/r lamp
o/s airbag Module
n/s airbag Module
boot latch
o/s/f seat belt
n/s/f seatbelt
Spare wheel cover
Front bumper
Lower Bumper plate
o/s brake duct
n/s brake duct
upper support
Air guide
o/s stay
n/s stay
o/s Bumper net
Centre bumper net
o/s wing
Bumper lower spoiler
Air con Radiator
Front panel
No plate plinth
n/s bonnet vent
n/s indicator
horn (hi tone)
horn (low tone)
Air con fan
n/s air guide
p/s oil cooler
oil cooler
Air con hose..

|PLS| labour and paint

Wow, wot a list..

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what are the chances of them letting u upgrade certain bits eg. Pace Intercooler instead of standard etc???


ps. just thinking might be worth driving into a tree?? :)

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Ooops, that must have been an impressive off!.
Click on the red link below, serch for parts for sale, I have a similar list of spares kept in the service van, less 10% mlr/ cash, could be intresting to compare to dealer prices.
what colour panels?

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Cheers splodge.. Cant seem to find the Parts for sale bit on ya site though.. Its too late anyway, as tey have most of the parts, apart from the Bootflooring, which they say might take 8 weeks to come..

If they had ALL the parts now, they say its about 1 weeks work..

So dno how long it will take to fit..

If anyone is after a Price for any parts on the list I can post here, bearing in mind they are mitsubishi dealer prices, wich I don't have to pay for! :)
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