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I have volunteered (doh!) to produce a list of parts/servicing data for inclusion on this site for all Lancer Turbos/Evo's.
Could anybody who has fitted any after market items please send me the following details so we can all share in the knowledge!

Information required on your after market items:
Car model
Make, Item Description and amp; Specification (e.g. Magnex, full exhaust system (from turbo back), 3 )
Part Number
Supplier and amp; Price
How you rate the item out of 5 (1 terrible, 5 excellent)
Any comments, good or bad or any items to note about fitting, any provable performance gains etc.

If you have multiple items fitted to your car then please list all the parts seperately. Please only list items that you have fitted or had fitted to your own car at some stage. 'Hear say' is not wanted.
Please don't think that if you have used an item and it was rubbish that its not worth mentioning.
In fact it is probably more important that the bad products are listed to make sure no one else wastes their money on them.

Please send your responses to [email protected] or ICQ me or post on this thread.

Please lend your support to this so we end up with a good resource on this site for anybody to refer to.


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Would this be any good then?

Car: 1993 Lancer GSR
Item: Halfords Furry Dice, black
Part no.: H2254/4553
Supplier: Halfords Glasgow, £3.99
Rating: 5
Comments: Best 4 quid I ever did spend. I'm 20mph faster in the corners, have lopped a second off my 1/4 mile and all the laydees stop and stare when I drop phat bass on them at the traffic lights. border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

All I really wanted to say is that maybe a form on the site somewhere would be good? Dom? Make it easy for you to keep track of stuff if it's in a standard format. You could even vet submissions before they were added to the site if you're worried about folk on a mission about a particular product.

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A form would be ideal. How about it Dom?

You can direct it to [email protected] ......hehe

....but seriously a form is a good idea.

I have received some replys but no one has bothered to stick completely to the format I put up. I was expecting that but at least tell me what the product is in detail (I'm not a mod/tech nut so tell me what the product is not just its brand name please!), where you got it from and what you think of it. I have given you some examples on the various threads so I hope you get the idea. Also I don't want people sending me stuff saying 'this bloke down the road reckons Carlos Fandago Super Widey Wheels are great' I want FACTS based on parts that YOU have fitted to your car.
All information greatfully received.

Keep all information rolling in, in particular for the early cars. I also require workshop technical data for the earlier cars e.g. suspension settings, service items (part numbers, specification (e.g. diff oil 80/90W), quantity (oils particularily), torque settings etc. etc.

I will trawl as much information as I can from this forum but please send me stuff as well in case I miss something!

I have completed one page on service parts and specs/part numbers for the E4/5 and amp; 6 (luckily they are all the same!)
and once I have finished the rest of it I will mail it to Dom for inclusion on the site. I am currently going through the torque settings for main service items (wheels, oil sump plug etc. etc.)

Contact me Dom if you want to do a submissions form.

Hopefully the information will save a lot owners the hassle of buying rubbish parts. Remember one of those owners could be you!


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Thats cos I talk a lot of b*llocks...... border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

and post...
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