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I have volunteered (doh!) to produce a list of parts/servicing data for inclusion on this site for all Lancer Turbos/Evo's.
Could anybody who has fitted any after market Engine tuning items (Induction kits, dump valves, gauges etc.) please send me the following details so we can all share in the knowledge!

Information required on your after market Engine Tuning items:
Car model
Make, Item Description and amp; Specification (e.g. HKS, Super Sequential Blow Off Valve (Dump valve))
Part Number
Supplier and amp; Price
How you rate the item out of 5 (1 terrible, 5 excellent)
Any comments, good or bad or any items to note about fitting, any provable performance gains etc.

If you have multiple items fitted to your car then please list all the parts seperately. Please only list items that you have fitted or had fitted to your own car at some stage. 'Hear say' is not wanted.
Please don't think that if you have used an item and it was rubbish that its not worth mentioning.
In fact it is probably more important that the bad products are listed to make sure no one else wastes their money on them.

Please send your responses to [email protected] or ICQ me or post on this thread.

Please lend your support to this so we end up with a good resource on this site for anybody to refer to.


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YES! but only if people keep sending stuff. 3 emails so far is hardly a great response but its better than nothing so thanks for those people who sent them to me. I have been a bit busy with other stuff recently but I will get back to it. I will get a lot of information from the forums but I still need peoples ratings of the products, the part numbers, where they got them from and price. I don't know about you but it seems to me that the threads keep being repeated, 'Is so-in-so any good?' then 2 months later the same question pops up again! Hopefully with a page that states whether a product is any good or not will stop the continual questions on exactly the same subject.


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Please don't forget that there are new members joining all the time and even though we trawl back through the old threads, we do not always immediately find what we are looking for.

Many thanks then, to those who reply to our old queries .

I've got a standard car at present and your proposals would be ideal. I'm just surprised at your lack of feed back to date.

Good luck with the project.

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Hey I have no problems with old questions being asked again but I don't like it when someone asks a question when the same question was asked and answered a few threads below......doh!

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I'll be giving you a write up the Blitz SUS filter and amp; full Magnex exhaust system next month (car is bog standard at present). This assumes I can get the sodding brakes unstuck - still no result and amp; AA on the way.


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Good keep 'em coming in. I will see if I can at least get the Induction section finished off tommorrow ready for posting but don't stop those reports coming in on Induction stuff. I will do a preview of the page on one of my own sites so you can see what the general idea will be but hopefully it will eventually appear on this site.

btw I'm waiting for the Southern RR day before deciding on what exhaust to put on mine but Magnex is my favourite (unless it is too loud), I also have Blitz SUS siting in my garage. I got it with the car but haven't fitted it yet.

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Perseverance - it's the only way!! I'll be asking Brian and Jo to include your request in the next issue of the MLR magazine for all those who haven't seen this thread or don't have internet access . . . . yes it's true, such people do exist!!

See you at Tuning Japanese on 24/2. . . . brandishing a nice pair of mugs, or maybe more!

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As you probably know,I suggested to do this,and I really appreciate what you are doing.
Thank you a lot border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >!

I would like to have more special parts on my evo v to let you know the details.

I have the HKS racing suction kit fitted.I bougth it from graham goode racing at 285£ plus vat. The quality of each part is very good and the kit comes complete with all the bolts,hoses and screws that you need.
The fitting instructions come in japanese,but the technical figures will help you a lot!
Anyway it works perfectly and there are no problems at all with it.

I had the ralliart sports ecu for a few days to try it and It works very well.
No fuel cuts at all at 1.4bars and more power.But my car has the hks filter and complete exhaust.Claudius had the sports ecu fitted to his evo vi rs2 and at the beginning with everything standard and just more boost it has less acceleration than standard ecu.
Now he have the ralliart ecu fitted with a modification to the wastegate and it works quite good but not as good as ecu,exhaust and filter.
When you fit the ralliart ecu to the rs2 or gsr the car wont start if you dont do a little and fast modification to a loom.
I can't compare this ecu with pe,blitz or others but It works really well for 850£
For sure the motec is more complete and has als but it costs 1500£.

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When you fit the ralliart ecu to the rs2 or gsr the car wont start if you dont do a little and fast modification to a loom.

What do you mean?

And why do people buy GSR versions?

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It looks like my ISP is now messing me and all other members about therefore email me at [email protected] instead as I may drop my existing ISP soon border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
Please use that email Darin if you want to include it in the mag.
Btw pictures of any modifications fitted would be helpful.

Discussion Starter · #15 · have lists of lots of parts for all evo's which includes hks, group n, and group a it has part no.'s and it is very easy to find them.
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