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time to have a clear out in the shed of parts i dont need, hopefully be of some use to someone

prices are collection only, can be posted

evo 7 spoiler in black £100
evo 7 bootlid in black (some dents from someone pushing car) £45 or £120 w/ spoiler

evo 7 fq300 rear diff 46k miles - £320

rear suspension arms, also 39k- £20 each

rear hubs c/w bearings, sensors, shoes and cables- £50 each

evo 8 fan and fan controller (coweling bent) £20

evo 7-9 5 speed linkages complete with center console gaiter and console bracket (minus plaque) £75

rear driveshafts 39k- £25 each
eibach lowering springs- £30

evo 8 fueltank and pump, no leaks £20

diff mounts and rear subframe £15 each
steering rack (no tierods) £30
1xtierod and end £5

evo 8 fq300 engine breaking due to cracked casing 39k miles, pm what your after and price (crank, rocker cover and manifolds gone)
cylinder head complete £150
standard 260 cams springs and retainers £30
standard pulleys £20
evo 8 rear passenger door in red (no glass if posting) £50
evo 8 steering wheel (silver, no airbag) £20
evo 7 aircon rad and fan £50

will get pictures of these bits uploaded when i get a chance to take some, if you want pictures desperatly pm me your mobile number and ill send them via text

items located in aberdeenshire
contact no 07971208891
email- [email protected]

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How much do the springs lower by ??
honestly unsure as were on car when i bought it, pics in my car how it sat, maybe another member could shed some light?

will you take £150 for the rear bumper?

dont mean to seem like im taking the ****, but i can pick one up new for £225 from one place and £250 from another.
seems a very good price that, but no im not willing to take 150 quid, id rather paint it and put it on my vii, opting to leave it standard for now though, sorry, thanks anyway

Send me pics of the spoiler, i'm interested...
Pics of the rear bumper please mate :smthumbup
will get pics for you's tomorrow and upload them to thread, will send a pm when thread updated :smthumbup
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