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Part ex or straight swap Skyline for EVO

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Hi all new to this site

Im after an EVO 4 or 5, preferably in white for my nicely tuned white R33 GTS-T Skyline
Would prefer straight swap but for the right car some cash on top can be negotiated

Car spec:
RB25 Single Turbo RWD
Blitz SBC ID III dual solunoid boost controller
Blitz Airfilter
Blitz intake pipe
Blitz Dump Valve
Blitz Boost guage
Large Greddy FMIC
Fully decatted Nismo Racing exhaust
Nismo Short shifter
Utola Turbo Timer
Cusco Front and rear strut braces
Splitfire Coil packs
Exedy Clutch
18" ROTA GTR White Alloys all fitted with new Eagle F1's

some pics:

I personally love this car and will hate to see it go but the need for a 5 door is essential. Well hopefully one of you guys may like it and fancy a change?.
I am the first owner and picked this car specifically as it had everything i needed. Only problem that i had with it was at the start the clutch was slippy but replaced with an Excedy Clutch rated at over 400bhp from Rising Sun Performance. It has regular oil and fluid checks and serviced at Norris Designs only recently. Any questions feel free to ask cheers
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Whats the millage mate
I personally love this car and will hate to see it go but the need for a 5 door is essential.

why do you want an evo then, they seem to be a door short for that? :D

i would love to do you a swap but mine doesnt have any back seat so kind of defeating the object of swapping.

nice motor though. hope you get something nice for it. :coolsm:
Shame my Evo is grey i'd of swappped

hi nice car mate, but im after a sensible motor now unfortunatly! but im sure someone would be intrested on here sorry i cant help.
thanks for interest guys and to the pms ive recieved so far, Djevo i know what you mean mate, im trying to combine my need for some thrill in driving but with the safety factor of 4wd when i have the kids in it and not having to climb over front seats lifting heavy children out of the back etc:)
looks odd without the spoiler...

i am tempted, dunno what wifey would say though.
I still have the spoiler and can have it fitted back on no problem, I was trying to make it look abit different and have had it off for over 6 months but even myself feels it needs it back on again
still looking guys or if you know of anyone wanting to buy a Skyline, just give me a PM please, many thanks for pm's recieved so far etc :D
Check "my car" for pics mate
GWtaylor said:
Check "my car" for pics mate
Thanks for the interest mate, im really set on having a white EVO and preferably a V gonna give it some time as there is no rush ill just keep bumping it up until i sale the car or the right offer comes in, cheers :cool:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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