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Hi all, I need your help and advice.

A couple of months ago I noticed that my car started to misfire slightly, at the time I had a fuel leak when I filled it to the brim. I've had the fuel filler pipe replaced but the fueling system is not under pressure cos when I undo the filler cap it doesn't release the pressure (I'm gonna get it back to the garage to sort that). :frust:

The car is still misfiring and only seems to do it at around 3000rpm in whatever gear and when the engine is warm. I've changed the plugs and gapped them properly. Today I removed my plug leads to check the resistance and all that seems good too. The plugs look carboned up (black as if running rich).

On top of all that my IAC valve is playing up as my question is, can an unpressurised fuel circuit be causing my misfiring or is it something else? Any help will be greatfully accepted.
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