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OK, apparently here in the US, OZ has a great deal on these wheels. They are charging 189 apiece, which equals 133 quid (WOW). They are size 18, pcd 114.3, unsure on the offset.

My question is, if my E5 came with OZ f1 wheels from the factory, can I assume that an OZ F1, 1 inch larger, with the same bolt pattern 5*114.3 would fit the car? I've emailed the oz people, even called them twice last week. Apparently the wheels that are on special are the White OZ F1 Cup Corsa wheels. The only problem is that the people that work there know s**t! If you tell you want to know if the wheel is 30mm offset, they'll probably ask you what's an offset? According to the lady that answered the phone, her manager will be back on Monday and he's the only one with the expertize to answer my questions.

Expertize, all I asked was what's the offset on the wheels offered. :)

Anyway, if anyone is interested I can inquire about shipping to the UK, although the European OZ distributor might well offer them.
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