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I've ended up with a load of these Optimax Driving Cards after a fill up at a SHELL garage yesterday (I'm sure you all know the promotion I'm on about).

Anyway, which are the rare winning cards this time ?

I now have :

- SLK55 AMG x2
- MX-5
- Maserati Coupe
- Morgan Aero 8
- BMW Z4 3.0 x2
- 350Z
- Noble M12 GTO
- TVR 350
- Honda NSX
- Vauxhall VX220 Turbo

How many are there to collect ?

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I have the 23 cards 22 yes thats right 22 times over and still no Orange Elise!! yes there are 24 cards to collect!!

Our local shell garage are pretty decent so I end up with about 30 packets when I visit :D

whover has the orange elise if you want to win and share the prize let me know :D

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Everytime i fill up and ask for the cards, they always say "What do you need them for, youve already got a dream car" .... which is nice :p

So i tell them i need to win the car, to flog it and then maybe i can afford some petrol to run the damn thing.
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