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Calling all online gamers if there are any out there.

I am a big fan of online gaming particularly Counter Strike Source and Eve Online.

I am the clan leader of SnP (Spray and Pray) in counter strike and we play in the Enemy Down gaming ladder as well as some LAN tournaments.

We have 2 Public servers

IP: 32 Player 100 Tick Popular Maps
IP: 32 Player 66 Tick Custom Maps

Clan Website is in my sig

I am also a long serving member of a corporation in Eve Online called Phoenix Industries. (around 2 years now)

This is a fantastic MMO which tends to be for the older gamer.

Links to this great game and my corp website can be found in my sig also.

If there are any others online gamers out there lets here from you what you play and why.
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Played EVE for about a year a while back... the skills stuff was cool but it was damn near impossible for independants and tiny corps to mine (or even move) outside 0.6 without getting ganked to hell. Gave up once I realised we were going to have to buy all the top end minerals from the gankers for the forseeable future :/

Played Anarchy Online when it came out; got bored and gave up, but am now back playing it since they have a 100% free option (you just don't get the expansion content). We'll see how that goes, I'm really enjoying my character at the moment but I have a notoriously low boredom threshold...

Played Planetside for a good while with a bunch of total nutters, in the right company it's as much (or more) fun than Counterstrike. Not as twitch gamey as most FPSs, but battles involving 400 people plus vehicles can get truly epic. They also have a free trial for those that may be interested.

Played World of Warcraft for a good few months (part open beta, part retail) but got seriously bored at the constant grind and gave up. No idea if they have any free trial offers at the moment.

Other than that have also played the usual assortment of non-MMO games, FPSs, RPGs, RTSs etc. I still reckon Total Annihilation and Warzone 2100 are some of the most fun you can have while kicking 7 bells out of your opponents... I'm pretty much guaranteed to buy Supreme Commander on release :eek:
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Im into my online gaming, im member of the JPnWo clan and been playing BF2 4 a while and also been playing BF2142.

But i just put cs source back on pc so will pop on and have a balst (will be a a bit pooh, not played it for ages). So keep an eye out 4 me Kermit_the_Gunslinger
I used to play CSS for a clan called T.A.L in ED.
My tag is Mayhem

Im shure we have played SnP on the ladder?
The only online gaming I partake in is on the 360, Gears of War mainly :)
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